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» Quiz: What Dominant Underdark Race Are you?
What Dominant Underdark Race Are you?
created by Whackmiester

Dungeons and Dragons Players know what I'm talking about: That massive realm beneath the earth filled with all kinds of monsters. Among them, the Dark Elves, the Duergar, the Mind Flayers, the Beholders, and a host of other denizens. This quiz will tell you which dominant race of the underdark you belong to .

1.) A Surfacer has wandered into your territorty... what do you do to them?
Take them alive, I could use an extra slave.
Swing my axe into his skull!
Take them alive and have a snack later.
Use my magic against them until they fall down dead.

2.) You are at a slave auction. Which slave do you purchase?
The sexy one
That one with the bulging muscles. He'll be useful.
That depends on their IQ or brain size....
The skinny one I can push around.

3.) How do things work in your home?
Every man/woman for himself/herself. The lady's in charge, and I'm worthless.
Watch each other's backs... and death to the surface folk.
The Smartest Rule, the foolish are there to be exploited.
If the boss says jump, you say How High?

4.) What weapon would you use?
A poison dagger
My superior Intellect
What I've been born with
A Stout Hammer
Poison Arrows
Fear is my weapon!
A Pick Axe
A Dark Blade!
Weapon? Screw that! I'm runnin'!
A Blunt Object

5.) Where would you prefer to live?
A Gothic City
Tunnels in the mountains... stained with the blood of Surface Dwellers!
In an inpreginable citidel, built by beings from the lesser races.
Dank, Smelly Tunnels that almost look as if they were alive.
A Massive Fortress, built over the graves of my enemies.
Amongst the creatures of outter planes.

6.) Which is your sworn enemy?
The surface elves!
The Surface Dwarves!
Any race that is inferior to my own!
Everyone! Kill the elves! Evicorate the Dwarves! Murder the Humans! KILL!!! KILL!!! KILL!!!

7.) Your enemy begs for mercy, what do you do?
Get out the shackles and whip....
Knock them unconcious and rob them of whatever you can get your hands on.
Take something from them that they seem to have failed to use upon encountering me.
Kill! Kill! Kill!

8.) What do you do with your slave?
If they're a member of the opposite sex, I rape them.
Put the weakling to work in the mines!
Feast upon their delicious brains!
Cut out their tongue and boss them around!
Beat the living crap out of them for my amusement!

9.) You and some comrades have just raided a surfacer city. There are many spoils to chose from. What do you take?
Food.... I mean Prisoners.
Magical Trinkets
I don't want no spoils! Just seeing them all die is enough for me.

10.) What Diety do you follow?
Deep Durra
Bah! There are no gods but the Elder Brain!
Diety? What's a Diety?

11.) Your Worst Nightmare?
Angering the Matron!
Breaking a Favored Weapon
Becoming Stupid and joining the lesser races
My Worst Nightmare? You're kidding me, right?

12.) When Surfacers see you, they...
...are reluctant to fight because I am too beutiful.
...scream and run
...are paralyzed with fear
...don't know how to look me in the eyes without soiling themselves.

13.) Your idea of a good time?
Steaming Hot Sex
Drinking Vodka with my friends.
Growing in Intellectual Power.
Torturing a slave
Beating the shit out of a slave
Eating Brains

14.) How do you prefer to fight an enemy?
Sneak attacks! They'll feel less like fighting when their throats are cut and their backs are riddled with poison arrows!
Gang up on them
Have two goons fight them for me while I use magic on the enemy
Intimidate and then Eliminate

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