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» Quiz: Would I want your pussy? (bi-lez girls only)
Would I want your pussy? (bi-lez girls only)
created by cutelilbrunette

Make me want to lick you......

1.) Do you shave?
yup clean smooth
i trim
landing strip... so ya

2.) What size cup r u?
34-36 a/b
36 b/c
36 c or higher
aa cup
why does that matter

3.) What do you think when I say I'm wearing a black v string and my dildo is inside me?
wait is the v string pushed over or is it in ur ass?
yummy.... now im all wet
a dildo eww why isnt it my tongue?
hmmmmmmm wierdo

4.) whats your fave color?
pink wink wink
color ? thats a gay question

5.) I am really reallly bored and I call you and say I want you to come eat me.... you???
jump in my car and speed so I can taste that sweet cum....
can you wait like half an hour so I can shower?
eat ur pussy? yuck.... can i just play w/ it?

6.) You get home from work and you find me laying in your bed with nothing on what do you do?
Jump in the bed and finger fuck your brains out
quietly go under the covers and finger you until your wet as hell then lick your pussy until you cum and then put on a strap on and fuck you
walk away
hmmm there is so much I wanna do... damn your making me wet

7.) How old are you?
older than 25
younger than 18

8.) do you like porn?
hell ya
well kinda... but i like making my own better
not really
porn thats so stupid

9.) I'm 5'8 dark brown short hair blue/green eyes 34b and shaved clean do u want me?
hell ya bitch i want that pussy
wait ummmmm

10.) will you u2u me?
omg I'm so wet gimme a min to clean this up
hell ya baby
maybe i guess

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