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created by rah85fk


Rub your balls.
Rub your eyes.
Rub your eyes because you don't have balls.

2.) 'Sarva dharma sambhav' means...
My macaroni's gone cold.
Sanskrit for bukkake.
Death to George W. Bush!
Sanskrit for Bukkake.

3.) Eternal love, soul mates...
Dude, seriously!
I don't believe in love. I'm an emo kid who's mum couldn't quite make it for the abortion doctor's fifty seventh appointment. Someone shoot me.
Did you know babies are born when fairies blow their noses? It's a wonderful world!
Ask me something about bukkake again.

4.) X times Y is...
Thirty nine. And don't you forget it!
I'm bad at Math, sorry.
Oooh, that's a toughie.
Infinity. In spiritualism there is infinity, and in infinity there is thirty nine. Even thirty times thirty nine.

5.) Sex.
Overrated. I'm emo, remember?
Mm, bukkake.
I'm a virgin, and it's not because I'm emo. (If you're an emo virgin, please check the first option.)
Always a good thing.

6.) The path to enlightenment?
Starin' at a goat's nads...seriously, I've done it.
As prescribed by the Bible/Dhammapadda/Kuran or anything other than Hindu stuff.
As prescribed by the Vedas (they're Hindu stuff.).
Starin' at a goat's nads. I'm totally going to try it too!

7.) Your greatest weakness?
Mm, bukkake.
My bad taste in music. I'm emo, remember?
I'm human. The Lord will forgive us all for our sins so long as we conform to the prevalent standarda of stupidity.
I always get suckered into taking these crap quizzes. Although, this one isn't that crap. Whoever made this quiz must surely rock!

8.) This quiz...
Man, what a waste of time!
I can totally see how this is going to help me!
I don't believe in quizzes. I'm emo, remember?
No offense, but it kinda sucked...

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