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» Quiz: Would I fuck you? (girls)
Would I fuck you? (girls)
created by forever_yours9

Hmm, are you worthy of a great fuck? Let's see with this quiz.

1.) Let's say we are home alone and we are watching a movie. I slip my hand down your pants. What do you do?
Take my hand out.
Take off my clothes. Take off yours and finger fuck me. Make me scream and Moan.
Let me finger you. But keep on our clothes and don't let it go that far.

2.) Mmm. Ok, we are in my bedroom. There is music playing and I decide to take my shirt off and expose my tits. What do you do?
Grab my boobs and start to make out with me. Make me finger you.
Rip off the rest of my clothes and fuck me hard. Then you tie me to a chair and eat me out. Then we switch.
Tell me to put my shirt back on.

3.) After a good fucking, we go out for dinner. I am too horny to stay there. I tell you this. What do you say?
Let's go home and I will fuck you so hard, your head will spin
Maybe after we eat I could take you home and we could fuck.
Let's eat and then I will take you home.

4.) We are in your car, and we are parked in a parking lot. You turn up the music. I look at you with the I want you so bad. look. What do you do?
Tell me to turn down the music.
Grab your dildo in your compartment and fuck yourself with it. You take off my clothes, bite my tits, eat me out, and fuck me with the dildo.
Tell me to finger you and then finger me back.

5.) We are in the bathroom, taking a bath together. I crawl on top of you and start to make out with you. Biting you and rubbing your pussy. Then I eat you out. What do you do?
Scream and moan for more. Then get a plunger and shove it into my pussy until I bleed.
Push me off.
Eat you out. Rub my tits and bite my bottom lip slightly. Make me beg for more.

6.) I am fingering fucking you. I got 4 fingers in your dripping wet pussy. What do you do? Damn I am getting so wet writing this. I want you to fuck me baby.
Take my fingers out and like the cum off my fingers, telling me to shove something big in your pussy.
Stick 4 fingers into my pussy and lick it off. Then get a camera and fuck mem hard on the bed. Whips, chains, handcuffs. Hardcore baby.
Take my fingers out and tell me to wait.

7.) We are in a club. We are grinding against each other. Our bodys are soaking wet with sweat. I want you to fuck me so hard. You want me to fuck you. What do you do?
Strip me. Strip yourself. Then get on the floor and we eat each other out. Then make out, finger fucking each other in front of everyone.
Just keep dancing.
Put your hands in my shirt and rub my boobs and I stick my fingers into your pants and fist fuck you.

8.) I tell you to come over. When you walk in the house you see me fucking another girl. We are wet, naked and eating each other out. Then we get up. I wink at you and I get a vibrator and start to fuck the girl so hard. She is grabbing at my boobs. What do you do?
Turn away embarassed.
Shove the other girl away and take off your clothes. You make me shove the vibrator into your pussy and you show her up.
Get in with both of us. We all get a strap on and fuck each other.

9.) What are you doing right now?
Taking this quiz.
Fingering myself and hoping this is over so I can U2U you.
I am debating whether I should U2U you.

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