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» Quiz: Which "The Perfect Score" characters are you? {Pretty nifty pictures to!}
Which "The Perfect Score" characters are you? {Pretty nifty pictures to!}
created by One_Outsider

Find out if you are Kyle, Matty, Fanchesca, Roy, Desmond, or Anna. Sorry there is no picture of Roy!!

1.) First thing is first... Why do you want to steal the answers to the SAT?
To make new friends.
To try to get the score necesary to go to University of Maryland to be with your beloved girlfriend... Sandy.
So I can go to St. Johns and play basketball.
To have a sufficient score to go to Brown.
Uhhhhhhhhhh..... I don't know.
To get a 1430 so I can go to an archetic school.

2.) How do you usually dress?
Sports jerseys adn sports stuff.
Whatever I find. I mean i will even wear what I wore yesterday if I want.
Normal guy clothes... long sleeve shirt and pants.
Something classy and not too revealing.
Normal guy clothes with a hint of punk.
Punk all the way!

3.) What part would you have in this brilliant scheme?
The whole mastermind. I mean I organized it all.
Well I made it all possible. Like for instance I told the rest of the team the schedule fo the security guards and just shit like that.
Even though I am stooned... I figured out the password to get onto the server. hahahahahaha
I am just a side kick and best friend here.
I am a form of communication. I make sure we all stay in touch. So in other words I stay outside of the building and keep guard.
I am just here.

4.) What is your favorite past time?
Well, I have my own website and am constantely typying on it.
Sports... Basketball. Have to practice and make sure my skills don't lessen so I can get into St. Johns.
Talking to Sandy... Or atleast until I found out that she it cheating on me.
hahahahaha... playing video games, smoking pot.
Studying for the SAT and making sure that I do get into Brown. That includes community service and stuff like that.
Watching my big brother and studying arcetecture.

5.) What is your nickname? Or which do you prefer?
The ghost

6.) Did you make it out of the building?
Yes, but I refused because it wasn't right to leave one of us behind.
Yea I was the first one out of there.
No, but I did not get caught either thanks to my new boyfriend.
Hell yea... I wanted to get the hell out of there but everyone is all noooooo. I was jumping up and down trying to get the fuck out of that place.
NO. I had to protect my sweetheart. So i pretended that i was stealing computer equipment.
Yeap... I was the second person out of there.

7.) What did you do with the answers to teh SATs on the day of the SAT?
Dude. I gave them to all my friends. But didn't use the answers because you don't know D's mom
Man you don't know my mom
No i decided to go to Europe first instead of Brown
No need because I got a 1430 on the first SAT.
Hell no. I know who I am and if anyone wants to put a number on that then screw them
Uhhhhhh.. no I got arrested and spending one night in jail with a gay roomate made me decide that taking the SATs is not that bad.

8.) What does SAT stand for in your mind?
Sick Ass Test
Never thought about it!
Stooned And Toasted
Sick And Twisted

9.) What did you do after this whole SAT thing was done and over with? In other words what happened to you?
I got my act together. And the top game in the world was created by me.
I went to Europe.
St. Johns all the way.
I still dream of archeticture
Stayed with my girlfriend. And became an actor and I also am working on being happy.
Stayed with my boyfriend. And making my boyfriend happy.

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