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» Quiz: Which Middle Earthian race should you belong to?
Which Middle Earthian race should you belong to?
created by Mormaethor

Man, Elf ,Hobbit, Dwarf, Orc. Of these you surely belong to one. This quizz shall tell you which.

1.) On a scale from one to five, rate your self-control, 5 being the greatest.

2.) What is the style of your cultures art?
Art? What is that? Kill it.
Soft and flowing.
Rustic like an English cottage in the country.
Hard and rectangular, but with a great beauty to it. Its hard to carve circles in rock!
Quite diverse, our art is in a way borrowed from every other culture around... not sure what influenced the Haradrim..

3.) Tell me of one distinguishing physical trait of your race.
My ears, though much like men in size, are pointed.
I'm ugly. it scares my enemies, so I don't care.
Our big beards... It's told that even our woman have them!
My height, I'm really short...
My ears are rounded, ears basically distinguish my race from the elves... That and they're good at everything...

4.) What does your race in general REALLY hate!
Evil, and Dwarves.
Everything we are hate, we were bread out of hate... We hate Elves especially.
Elves, their stuck up really!
Being wrong.
Adventure, it will only bring you trouble!
We hate each other...

5.) Ah! The overused, what is your favorit colour?
Yellow, or some other happy colour.
Black, and you can SHOVE your stupid It's a shade! Not a colour!
Gold, silver colours that symbolise mined wealth..
None of the above or undecided.

6.) My race,
is a youthful, carefree race.
likes to kill, and maim, and torture and...
often gives counsel to others who need it. It is in a way is more mature...
likes the underground, we're great with rocks, and axes...
is foolhardy in a way, beginning to mature we are llike college age people, we want to do what we want but can't always.

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