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» Quiz: Which Vampire will be yours? (girls only)
Which Vampire will be yours? (girls only)
created by BlackNight

A few questions asked to determined which of the worlds movie vampires will be you new mate. (w/pics)

1.) You are at a club, watching all those whom are there. Which male in the club catches your eye?
The tall, dark, and handsome one with the longest hair you have ever seen.
The blond haired, blue eyed one by the bar.
The strong, tall one in the corner.
The one being followed by all the beautys.
The one that is in red and looks a little out of place.
The one that has just asked you to dance.

2.) Leaving the club, you walk down a dark alleyway to be met by a male with, what following emotion on his face?

3.) Having pity on your trailing vampire, you invite him back to your hotel room. There he asks you for a kiss, what do you do?
Offer him your lips.
Offer him your wrist.
Offer him your neck.
Offer him your body.
Offer him your heart.
Offer him your breast.

4.) Dawn approaches and you love must flee from the light. How does he say his goodbyes?
I will return.
Goodbye, my love.
Doesn't leave you, but takes you with him.
Allows you to follow him.
Drags you with.
Good day, my dear. I will return to you when the night has come.

5.) With or out your vampire by your side, what is it you think about him?
How beautiful he is.
How powerful he is.
How kind he is.
How caring he is.
How mysterious he is.
How perfect he is.
Nothing at all...

6.) Pick your favorite color:

7.) What would he wear for you?
Leather pants, boots, and a mesh top.
A three piece Victorian suit.
A poet blouse and leather pants.
All Black.
A dark full length coat, leather pants, and his hair tied back into a leather strap.
A white poet blouse, a fitted blue suit coat, a nice pair of fitted pants (fabric to your liking) and his hair done in ringlet curls.

8.) Pick a place:
London, a lovely country side estate, full of working human servants that supplied a nice range of blood for you and your man.
Paris, a loft equally as great as any mansion or estate. A wonderful place to hold partys and feed off of those whom are unsuspecting.
New Orleans, a wonderful plantation just for the two of you. A place were your cuisine comes in many different flavors.
Transylvania, a castle dark and misty, an enchanted place where things aren’t as they seem.
L.A. a busy place, but a perfect hide away for you and your vampire.
Italy, old and elegant, a wonderful land for you and a vampire.

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