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» Quiz: Are you a Joey Jordison fan?
Are you a Joey Jordison fan?
created by SlipknotsDarkSoul666

see if you are a fan or of you really love him..

1.) How many bands has Joey been in before he joined Slipknot

2.) Did joey come up with the term Maggot?
No, hes to stupid to think if that
I don't know, i'm just taking the stupid test to keep myself busy
Yeah, I think he did, not sure
Of course he did!! everyone knows that!

3.) At what age did joey start playing the drums?
damnit..i messed up. don't press this!!!!!!

4.) Ok now....When did Joey start playing the drums?
When he was bored and he wanted to do something
In the 5th grade, his parents bought him the drumset and ever since then, he has played
When someone told him to play
He wanted something better to do in life

5.) Almost done...What other band is Joey currently in?
Anal Blast
Stone Sour
Dark Throne

6.) Did Joey drum for Slipknot CD MFKR? (for those who don't know...thats Mate, Feed, Kill, Repeat)

7.) Ok last question....what is Joeys FULL name?
wait..he has a full name? i'm confused....mommy!!!!
I didn't know he had a full name...but I still like Joey Jordison!!!
Nathan Jonas Jordison

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