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» Quiz: What Senior Superlative are You
What Senior Superlative are You
created by JyAnHw21487

Find out what Highschool Senior Superlative you are most likely to get.

1.) It's Friday night, and there's a home football game, what are you doing?
Winning the game, I'm the quarterback.
Going shopping before the game with some friends, then probably showing up fashionably late.
Going to the game, but leaving early to go TP some people's houses...haha
Leading the crowd of fans in cheers!
Maybe I'll goto the game a little, but I have to leave at half time to work on a project DAMMIT
I'm in the marching band, so i'll be playing my instrument!
Painting my face and screaming at the top of my lungs!!!
Probably not even at the game, probably out at a coffee shop with some friends.
Cheering and playing in the game.
At the game, but trying to find plans for a party after words.
With my friends in the crowd, cheering some, but I don't paint my face.
On the dance team, shaking my bootay, you know.
Practicing with my band in a garage somewhere.

2.) What are you involved with in school?
I am involved in Advisory Council and Hackey Sack Club.
I am a cheerleader or in the Spirit Club!
I am in band, and maybe a couple of other clubs!
I am an officer to about 3 clubs, I'm in Beta club, and I'm in the top 10 of my class!
I think I paid dues to one club, but I never really goto the meetings.
I'm in the drama club, I love to act.
I am on the dance team and that's about all I have time for.
I am in some clubs and some sports, but I don't take any of them too seriously, just goof around a lot.
I am not really in any clubs, but there was this one time I joined a club to get this hot guy/girl's .I play a couple of sports though.
I play some sports, only if the jerzey is stylish though.
im president of atleast one club and i am captain of atleast one sport.
I don't do shit at school.

3.) Describe yourself in one word.

4.) Favorite Subject in school
I'm good at almost all my subjects.
Fashion or Design.
Any class that I can crack jokes in.
Anything, but gym.
A slack class I don't have to do much work for.
I have an A in every class or almost every class
I like my guitar class or band class.
Whatever...it's all the same.
Communications class rocks my socks!

5.) When you walk into school in the morning, what's the first thing you ussually hear?
Good Job in the game last night man, you were awesome!
Haha duuude, you're so funny. I can't believe you egg the school last night!
Hey baby....you're looking fine today.
Aww...i love your outfit!
Hey! You're crazy man.
Thanks for cheering us on last night at the game!
I saw your band last night, yal are sweet.
When is the fundraiser coming up?
Did you just wake up?
OMG! Becky said that Jason said that Hillary said that you hooked up with someone this weekend.
Can i copy your homework?
You are so hot!
Good job in the game last night! Did we have homework in Math class?
Why are you wearing shorts in the winter?

6.) Are you musically inclined?
Yes, but I'm good at other things too!
Not at all!

7.) Your style!
People compliment how I dress a lot!
I wear shirts that make people laugh!
I wear whatever is comfotable
I wear a lot of school spirited clothes.
I dress to impress hot people.
If i wear the same thing as someone else, I will totally freak out!

8.) I'm more worried about....
Getting someone's number
getting good grades
sports than academics.
making people laugh.

9.) Are you good looking?
No, not really.
That's what people tell me.
Hell yeah I'm attractive and I know it.
I'm the hottest person in the class!
I am decent looking, but I have a better personality.
I'm good looking, but there's more to me that meets the eye. I'm talented in a lot of different areas.
Who cares....

10.) You are mostly likely....
playing in the game.
cheering the team on.
not at the game at all.
on homecoming court, being escorted out on the field at half time while your friends cheer you on

11.) A rumor is spread about you....you
find out who started it and make their life a living hell.
write a song about the person, u express your feelings best through music.
who cares....you'll be out of highschool sooner than later.
get with their boyfriend or girlfriend, to piss them off.
you're too busy to worry about rumors.
make fun of that person, hahahahaha

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