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» Quiz: Which one of my exes are you? (Men only)
Which one of my exes are you? (Men only)
created by i fuck alf

1.) What was the reason for your last breakup?
She announced one day that she was moving to Iowa with another guy.
I lied and cheated on her with an Internet chick and then stole all her posessions.
She cheated and lied on me and I finally had my limit.
I used her to make my ex jealous and when she took me back I dumped her. I later was dumped by the other girl, bitch.
She made up some excuse about being insane to get away from me.

2.) Have you ever lived with a girlfriend?
Yeah, we lived with her folks.
We lived together on and off whenever I had a job and could afford it.
We were long distance.
No way. She can keep her tampons and things in her own medicine cabinet.
No, women just break my heart.

3.) Name the most special thing you ever did for her.
I did so many things... I always took her by surprise. One time I bought her a ring and she returned it for a better one.
I couldn't ever afford anything for her. I never keep a job.
I use to listen to everything she said she wanted then surprise her with them. It made her cry.
I sent her a can of tuna/some awesome cd's/a cool shirt/my prized Bat Man pez dispenser and awesome letters.
Um, what? Girls always hurt me!

4.) How long was your longest relationship?
2 yrs
5 yrs.
1 yr or about that
A month.
A few weeks... women always break my heart!

5.) You and your girlfriend are going to go out for the night. Where do the two of you go?
Austin, Texas for the weekend. Awesome music scene, interesting people, we need to just get away.
Out to the China Buffet then Wal-mart.
We'd see a show, have deep conversation at a park, have a nice dinner.
I'd offer to rent a boat for just the two of us and then cancel it last minute.
We'd watch movies in my basement while getting cuddly.

6.) Your sweetest words...
Everything you say is sweet because your girl knows it's hard for you to say and it comes from the heart.
Hey honey, did you get my birthday gift yet?
I'd love you even if you cheated on me, looked like a character from Planet of the Apes or were 400 pounds and worked at a carnival.
Hey babe, you rock!
Everything I say is sweet. I have a heart of gold... women just want to hurt me.

7.) You proposed how?
I asked over the phone then later took it back, claiming I wanted to run naked with the bears. I have a fear of intamacy.
I said we were soul-mates and all that crap chicks love to hear but I never could afford the ring...
I just dropped hints I wanted to one day marry but never asked.
Marry me baby!
I didn't ask yet... I thought I would after I threatened to commit suicide, that should reel her in!

8.) Did your mom and your girlfriend get along?
My mom wanted to adopt her.
My mom and her are like an episode of Jerry Springer.
My mom didn't want me to be with her.
My mom is crazy... she lives in an assylum.
My mother and her never met. I wish they did, they'd got along great.

9.) What do you do with your life?
I'm a hardworker, I'm struggling but I always get by.
I hang out online with my 'friends' and work at the local Taco Company.
I go to graduate school and throw all my energy into activism.
I like to drink and play guitar.
I work a shitty job.

10.) What is your sex style?
Inhibited. I use to fill up the condom after sex to see if it sprung a leak.
Anal anyone?
None of that gimmicky type shit but passionate. I aim to please.
I don't know...
Like the porno's babe.

11.) Contraceptive of choice?
Condoms, always.
Nothing. If she gets preggie, she can get an abortion and have her ex pay for it.
She uses birth control and we use a condom.
She's on the pill.

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