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» Quiz: Which The Outsiders character are YOU? ( WITH PICS )
Which The Outsiders character are YOU? ( WITH PICS )
created by endless_x_dreaming

Find out which character you are from MY favorite book The Outsiders.

1.) What would you do if your best friend killed someone?
I'd throw up
I wouldnt be able to focus
I'd make a joke about it
I'd tell his kid brother he's a tagalong
My friends kill people all the time
I'd cry because I hate fighting
I'd apologize to his enemies for him being such a jerk and explain to them why he was like that.
I'd go see if my parents got mad about that. Or atleast hope they'd get angry.

2.) In a conversation you tend to....
Sit back and watch the people talk. I'll say something if I feel like it.
I'll always contribute to the convo.
I'd get annoyed with the 14 year old who is such a tagalong!!
Yell at my little brother because I know he can becom something.
Talk softly and very kindly to nice people, snap at rude people.
Be rude, inconsiderate, and mean.
Get angry if someone affends me ! and try to hurt them
Give into what my friends say.
am scared or nervous
im always happy

3.) Do you watch sunsets?
Yeah, and I connect with other people who do too. They look nice from the East.
Oh yeah, I can think when I look at them. I can feel.
Sunsets are for wussies. Im too tough for that
I never really thought to.
I wish i had.

4.) If some Soc's beat you up really badly you would...
act like it was nothing, it wasnt as bad as when my friend got hurt.
be scared but start carrying a switchblade around with me
mess them up
i AM a Soc
go get drunk

5.) Do you like to read?
I love reading, but most of my friends dont.
I like being read to better.
I have barely ever cracked open a book, Im just plain dumb.
Yeah, for school.

6.) Do you like watching movies and why?
I like going to the movies because I like to live with the characters.
I just go along with my friend.
I get drunk and do stupid things there
I go on dates there, but I can hardly sit there and actually watch a movie
I dont because I have too much in my life to be inspecting anybody elses.
My friends and I throw beer blasts and get drunk
I go along with my friends when they get drunk
I go to actually WATCH the movie, I hate watching people get drunk.
I go on double dates with my best friend

7.) If there were in a movie back in the 80s about u who would you want to play you?
C Thomas Howell
Diane Lane
Ralph Macchio
Emilio Estevez
Rob Lowe
Tom Cruise
Matt Dillon
Patrick Swayze

8.) What is your job, and if you dont have one what is the thing u do best?
reading / writing
gas station employee
i work alongside my best friend at the gas station, but only part time
roofing houses
beating people up
keeping peace, watching sunsets
beating up greasers, trying to get my parents mad
getting away from my mom and dad

9.) if your mom came to visit you in the hospital, you would ....
turn her away. i dont want to see her.
i dont have a mom
my mother and father died in an autowreck
hope she'd be mad about something
let her see me. i love her so much
shes sweet and cleans up for me. ill let her in
like anyone would come to see me besides the guys.

10.) do u like fighting, and why
i dont like it, i only fight bc im good at it.
its useless
i like it bc i like to stomp the other guy good
i like it bc everyone else does it and yes, if they all jumped off a cliff i would too.
i like fighting bc im tough
i hate fighting.
i like to get people back
i follow the crowd, but now i realize i dont like fighting.
i like it bc its a rush, a thrill.
i like to show off my muscles !

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