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» Quiz: Witch character are you from my book
Witch character are you from my book
created by Triple_S_Samaria

I made a book with all kinds of characters. In this test you can find out if your Samaria (the hero), Aki (the lover), Taborine (the best friend), Mystel (the bad guy), Julia (a good friend of Samaria), Gorges (helps Samaria alot), Wolfy Wolf (Samaria's werewolf friend) or the Lady of the Woods (Samaria's master and mother). Let's see who you are.

1.) Would you like living in a dark forest?
I've lived all my life in the dark forest.
I'm not cared of a dark forest. What there is to be cared of?
I would never step foot in a dark forest. Maybe there are animals like werewolfs that live in there.
I was raised in a dark forest.
I'll stay in there for one minute and that's all.
If I must I will.
Why should I live in a dark forest I got a cosy house to live in.
I'll live in a dark forest there is no probs.
I got a friend that lives in a dark forest and she loves it, so I'll have no probs live in one.

2.) If you had magical powers, what would you do with them?
I'll take over the wold.
I'll make myself more handsome.
I'll make all the girls fall for me.
I'll protect my people and the wold for evil.
I'll give them to my only surviving daughter.
I'll use them for good.
Powers only come to people that belive. I don't belive.
I'll use them to turn back into a human for ever.

3.) I know most of you hate this question but I need this information. What is your favorite color?
White or silver

4.) How would you describe yourself?
Strong and powerful.
Handsome and smart.
The are hot for me.
I'm sweet and I love animals.
I don't alot of patience.
I'm semeone that everybody loves.
miss undertood
silent and agressive

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