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» Quiz: Do you like porn more than you think?
Do you like porn more than you think?
created by lilrednecrebel2006

Do you like porn more than you think.

1.) Do you look forward to the next big screen porn to come out.
Yeah and I even know who stars in it.
NoI think it is gross.
No I can wait till it comes on cable.

2.) Do you watch porn at your friends house when their asleep?
yeah its more exciting when you have the fear of them catching you.
no but my freidn watched it when I am asleep.
no I watch it at home. Sometimes my friends will watch it with me.
Umm I have never really even thought about that thanks for the Idea.

3.) Do you believe in porn?
yeah I totally will raise to hands to it.
umm its ok but I do watch it.
wait a min. why ask that how rude.

4.) why did you take this porn quiz?
becasue I saw the word porn and wanted to take a look see.
um because I was borna dn wanted to see what this was about
I wasnted to see how rude this was

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