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» Quiz: what Harry Potter charachter are YOU?????
what Harry Potter charachter are YOU?????
created by love-hockey13

Do I need to explain!!!!

1.) what animagus would you be???
I would either be a cat, or a lion. Both smart and agile
Probobly a wolf or dog.
A camel, maybe a deer or rat

2.) do you do well in school??
I would say that I do OK, I get B's most of the times
I don't get high grades. I get D's and F's.
I rock the school, my teachers love me as much as their children. A's all the way

3.) do you have a large family?
what family?
I have like 5 members!!

4.) what's your favorite animal?
I think, rat
any nocturnal animals

5.) What's your charachter like?? as in personality?
normal, like to control
curious and adventoures
scared and shy

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