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» Quiz: Who r u from The Emperor's New Groove?
Who r u from The Emperor's New Groove?
created by October_15th

1.) Whuts ur fave color?

2.) Which question would u rather ask? What do i gotta do to get..
A lil kindness outa sumone?
That red aminal balloon to come back?
That big idiot to do sumthin right!?
Ppl to see that im the most important thin in the world?
This shoulder angel to show up on time?
These kids to stop fightin?

3.) Whats ur fave thing to do?
Help ppl
Dance n give myself b-day presents! im so happy!
Cook n umm play exotic bird bingo!
spend time wit my loved ones
Send myself boxes inside smaller boxers n kill the bugs inside of them!!
Make balloon aminals! POP!

4.) How do u talk?
i talk like...wait.. is that my voice? is that MY voice!?.. o well..
polite n kinda quiet
any way i want.. n if u dont like it.. buh-bye
ughhh.. whut does that have to do wit anythin? ...
soft n calm
Squeek squeeker squeek squeekum

5.) How come...
That llama was so mean.. n that lady wont move farther away?
He's talkin to himself.. AGAIN!?
This label looks just like the other lables?... i hope this dont come back to haunt me..
He is so emotional?
Ppl r so rude?!
He wont show his tru feelins?

6.) Whut's most important to u?
Friends n fam
not gettin confused
keepin promises

7.) I went for a walk..
Did u talk to the emperor?
Yea.. thats nice.. i really DONT CARE!
.. o really.. i love to go for walks.. they r so relaxin..
Then i sat in a field wit llamas.
N after all that hard work i finally dont wanna be carried no more!
N ran into a mean llama!

8.) Where or when do u sing?
pshh.. sing? excuse me! i dont hafta sing.. ppl sing for me!
before bed time
i NEVER SING! NEVER!! im too busy
when no one else is around to hear me..
i dont sing.. persay.. i just mostly make noises
all the time! ....BAAH DAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9.) You are a...
..kind person
..haha.. im a.. (pause).. llama? WHUT THA...!
POWERFUL evil person!
cuddly adorable thingy.. lol
lovely, carin' friend
..dancer/wrestler/cook/..friend to all aminals!

10.) Which statement do u like the most?
Whoaa..No Touchie.. no touchie!
I alwayz thought there was sum good in everyone..
(oohh u mean cuz u were right like u alwayz r) Thats right!
well i guess.. dessert (n a cup a coffee?) alrite.. a quick cup of coffee...

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