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» Quiz: erotic story/quiz! R u hott yet? (guys biz and lezs only!!)
erotic story/quiz! R u hott yet? (guys biz and lezs only!!)
created by fukmenow_bitch

oh yeah...... here we go ready to wet urself??

1.) u got drunk at a party and ur friends bring u to a lezbian strip club....... good for u huh!!!? well anyway this blond hott ass blue eyed w/ red full lips (you know shes a slut) comes up to u she is dress in red plastic tight pants and a tank top cuttoff. she wispers into ur ear ' come get me'. you?.............
u look at her with one raised eyebrow and a frown and whisper back how bout no
you smile at her and by her a drink
you grab her by her hipps swing her around so shes against the bar and start to make out w/ her

2.) next thing you no shes dragging you into a back room in the strip club. she opens the door and pushes u inside aggresivley....u no this is going to be good...........you land on a soft large bed u glance around a bit and hanged on the walls are dozens and dozens of sex toys chains whipps and hand cuffs!!!! Oh yeah!!!! you.........
stare shokingly at her and think to urself this is crazy.............. and u want out!!!!!!
u look at her do a fake/ real grinn and say oooooo.....this..........is..........cool
smile at her sitt up and wait u wana do her bad!!

3.) she climbs on to the bed and crawls sex kitteny like towards u she is now on top of u and ripps off ur shirt she grabs the can of whipp cream that was next to the bed and sprays it all the way down ur body in between ur nipples and around ur mouth she slowly inone swipe licks it off she gets to ur mouth and starts to make out w/ u again!! you....
make out w/ her for about a minute and a half then cuts it short and sitts up
you make out with her till she stops but when it ends u sitt up and start a conversation about std's
you get in control and roll over so ur on top now you make out w/ her for as YOU want ........... hey the longer the better!!!!!!!!!!

4.) shestands up at the end of the bed and takes off her top and un zipps her pants......... there it is the PUSSY!!!!! she looks in the corner aroused by something you look over there where theres two other girls doing it doggie style w/ whipp cream and fake dildos all u hear is moans and loud crys!!!! she looks back at u smiling!!! you?
look back her half heartedly
you smile back and grabb her pulling her on top of you roll her over so ur on top and start to suck her tits.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
you look at her smilling and just wait for her to star up again

5.) she sitts on ur chest and the other girls come over her pussys in ur face and shes rubbing ur hands on her tits the other girls are down behind her sucking ur dick/ eat out ur pussy.........you?
don't touch anyone..........ur afraid of a lawsuit
u eat her out and grab onto her tits while massaging them slowly.........oh yeah;)
you look at her smilling and just let her do her magic
smile at her and pull ur hands away

6.) she locks the other girls out of the room and comes back w/ a chain in hand she tioes u up and starts to suck ur dick/ eat u out you scream out>>>>>>>
.:moan:. and .:groan:. then say ' when r u going to fuk me hard slut?
thats good!
get off me freak!!

7.) she makes out w/ u again and tells u its ur turn you..........
scream at her that ur leaving
say 'ok' and pushes her up against a wall!!!
u say ummmm........sure and tells her to lie on the bed

8.) ur fuckin hard now up against a wall and she is screaming and moaning....... she grabs ur dick/ or hand and pushes u on the bed u start hard core fuckin again and she is screaming on the top of her lungs! you or do wat to her
fucking her duh............
sucking her tits and well just fuckin her solid.......

9.) she gets off you and puts on her clothes you do the same u make out for about 15 minutes on the bed then walk back into the club together her shift ends and u ask her to come to ur apartment and she does.................. you get to ur apartment.............. now the rest is for ur imagination!! have fun!!!!!!
rest is for ur imagination hun...........

10.) what did u do during this lil story??
Mansturbated and wet myself duh!!!!!!!!!
manserbated a little.........
nothing i just red it and answered the questions duh......

11.) did u like this story as far as turning u on???
hell no it suked!!
wellll it was ok all i got was hard......... oh well
hell yeah baby!! i would fuck that hoe in a second!!!
ummmmmmmmmmm.................... nothing

12.) that girl in the story u fucked describes me exactly (NO JOKE!!) except i have brunette hair.............. if i were at ur house this exact moment would u fuck me???
no way bitch ur not my type!!!!!
maybe if i got to know u better!!!!!! cause i wouldn't be the person this story happened to !!!!!!
hell yeah slut id' fuck u anyday especailly now id' throw u up againsta wall fuk u hard and u'd be done just tell me when? and where?

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