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» Quiz: What kind of underwear are you?
What kind of underwear are you?
created by xlittlexblondiex

Take this fun quiz to find out what kind of underwear you are!!

1.) Your at a party: what do you do?
Well I don't go to parties much...maybe once a year....when im there I sit around and eat.....
I dance, drink and smoke (SOMETIMES), flirt, and dance more!!
I dance and hang out....maybe get a kiss :)
I just try and have a good time!
I do whatever everyone else does....

2.) How do you kiss?
I havent had my first kiss yet....
I make it hot and long!
Just a cute, fun kiss.
Just a peck.....maybe a little more, but not much...
I like makeout sessions, there fun. My kisses are fun!

3.) Whats your favorite color?
White....so beautiful!
Anything bright and outrageous!
Fun, colors, yellows, pinks.
I dont like colors.
Whatever i feel like. Some days its yellow, sometimes aqua or pink.

4.) What kind of bras do you usualy wear?
Simple cotton ones.
Sexy, colorfull, pushups!
Sports bras or just a sot cup bra.
I go braless!
SOmetimes pushups, sometimes cupped, never sports bras, ew.

5.) What are some of your favorite activaties??
Sewing, baking, reading.
Partying, dancing, taking shots.
Sports, chilling out, going to the beach.
Being creative, painting, clolring, watching movies.
Shopping, hanging out with friends, walking around town with friends.

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