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» Quiz: What Element Do You Control?
What Element Do You Control?
created by Slayzor


1.) Fav color(s)?
blue/turquoise/aqua green
green/brown/earthy colors
light blue/light green/light colors
Black/gray/dark colors

2.) Fav Animal?
Phoenix, does that count?
Any of the various water creatures.
Wolf, dog, fox, coyote, or dingo.
Birds. ALL birds.
Feline family residents.
Jaguar, tiger, lion, cheetah and bear.

3.) Fav element?
Water. Cool waves rippling under my feet.
Air. The calming breeze whisps past my face as I stroll through town.
Light. May it overflow my life with hapiness.
Dark. May it swallow all good in it's uprising power.

4.) Did you like this quiz?
It was hot!!!!
It was pretty cool....
It was....okay....I guess....
You've made better....
I didn't really like it.....
I hated it!!!!! It stunk on ice!!!!

5.) What'd you think your result will be?
Fire or Lava
Power of ground(earth)
Air or wind.
Shadows(if that's an element)or Dark

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