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» Quiz: Would I fuck you (Bi/Lez girls only!!!)
Would I fuck you (Bi/Lez girls only!!!)
created by Darker_Than_EbonyXXX

EAT ME OUT!!!!!! FUCK ME HARD!!!!!!!!!!

1.) I come over to your house wearing only a miniskirt and bikini top. You let me in and we get situated on your couch. Its starting to get really hot so I take off my bikini top. What do you do?
You start sucking on my nipples. I ::MOAN:: so you rip off my mini skirt and eat out my pussy. (im getting wet right now)
Run away screaming!!!!!!!
Make out with me and feel up my tits.
You bet a boner and try to stuff your cock in my ass.
Blush and go in the kitchen until i put my shirt back on.

2.) We are at the beach and no ones around. We are both walking around in bikini bottoms. This image makes you...
Want to wear a one piece.
Start licking my tits...or pussy
What? I wear swim trucks...not no bikini!

3.) You, me, and 1 of our close friends are all having a sleepover. She knows we are bi and wants to see us do some action. What do you do to me?
Bi? Imnot bi. But I'll fuck you with my huge dick anyway.
Maybe kiss me on the cheek...but probably will not like it.
We'll makeout. Rip off eachothers nighties and eat eachother out. Maybe tieing me up..HINTHINT

4.) What is your favorite body part of yourself?
My tits...vagina....ass....DO I HAVE TO PICK?
MY DICK....duh.
My face or wrists.

5.) Do you like girls or guys better?

6.) Whats your favorite sex toy?
dildo or vibrator
my own dick!!!!!!!!
what r sex toys?
Any guy/girl I can get in my pussy!!!

7.) What would you most like to lick off of me?
EW...LICK OFF OF U???????
Chocolate...Whipped cream...peanutbutter...Oils....(sexxi pix in head)
My own sperm.

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