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» Quiz: which label r u?
which label r u?
created by tEarSoFblOoD1106

which label best fits u?(goth/emo/punk)

1.) ur at a mall what r u doing?
talking to my gf and telling her how my day was and about how that makes me feel
walking around with ur friends and causeing shit with everyone u see and calling everyone posers
leaning aganst a wall either with a bunch of friends all doing the same thing or makeing out with ur gf/bf

2.) ur at home and ur dad tells u that ur not going anywhere with ur life and ur a complet fuck up
u tell him that life is fuckin pointless and that him and his mainstream can kiss ur ass
u walk out and go to ur gf/bf house and tell them what happened
u punch him in the face and say fuck u bitch ur nothin but a pussy

3.) someone calls u a bitch whats a come back u would use
what? fuck u cock sucker-jump on this person and beat the fuck out of them
look around but ur hair is in ur eyes so u cant see- damn ur emo hair style-
look up at the person get right in there face and say im gonna rip out ur vocal cords and coke u with them u little conformist bitch

4.) last question...........what r u?
ur lost and confused and really dont give a flyin fuck
u just made out with someone from the same sex becuase u were sad
u put on ur boots grab a cig and walk out cuz u could careless what people think about u

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