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» Quiz: Goth/NuMetal/Punk Poser?
Goth/NuMetal/Punk Poser?
created by DisturbedChild

This is to see if you know good music or just say you do and have bad taste meaning Poser.

1.) What Music Do You Like?
Manson, Ozzy Ozbourne (OzzFest Bands!!) Orgy, Canibal Corpse, COF, Pantera, anything dark, and evil, Korn, Slipknot, Nothingface, and Metallica & More
Nothingface, Korn, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Ill Nino, Flaw, and anything else u can mosh to. Heavvy Fucking Metal!!!! Some real Punk, CKY, Ramones, ect
Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, uhh some pop and anything thats on TRL like i needto be updated and cool. Oh and Rap, D-12 OMG

2.) What do you do at a concert?
Moshpit, look for weed and drugs, get into trouble and fights, mosh some more, hang out with the band and groupies hells yeah Heavy Fucking Metal!!!!!
Croudsurf, and watch the bands, i dont wanna miss the show, oh and have a beer what the hell, and go mosh to my fave songs hell yeah dude.
Watch the band, and uhh god maybe croudsurf, like dont molest me you know. OMG dude he is soo hot, like we gotta get his autograph Oh yeah cool

3.) Your Enterests include
Vampires, Freaky Sex, Beer Weed, Go get some Eye Liner, black nail polish. Go to my Cult for the meeting and sacrifice. Tattos & Piercings alot.
Piercings, Tattos, Sex, weed beer. Concerts, get some gothy/ metal scene cloths. 2 punk bracelets wat the hell. Download Metal. Some Ozzy and NIN.
Shopping, some cute punky stuff at Hottopic, VollieBall Practice and Prom, Get my nails done, go see GC and Avril Lavigne like shop more. Wow updated

4.) What do you do for fun?
Bite people, hang out at night, at cemetaries. Weed, Bondage sex, beer, blood. Go Joyride and play with death. Guns r fun, anything freaky and wired.
Joyride, blast music, Sex, beer, weed. Go get some metal shit, get a new tatto and a piercing. Cut for fun, start a neighborhood riot, this town sux!!
Watch my friend cheerleader and go see all the hot skaters, go shop for some concert cloths, like i dont wanan be a freak. watch trl, try and sk8board

5.) someone calls you a poser and you......
Yell Fuck you, ill show you what a poser is you bitch, lets sacrifice this dumbass, satan will be proud...
Start fighting this dude who doesnt know who he is messing with
yell shut up repeatedly and say no im not and start catfighting

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