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» Quiz: R U bi, lez, or straight? (Gurls only kthnx)
R U bi, lez, or straight? (Gurls only kthnx)
created by Technologicque

i kno a lot of teens on the hex r confused about their sexuality, but u have come 2 the right place. tayk mii new quiz 2 find out if u r bi, lez, or straight. i kno this has been dun bfore, but i assure u mii quiz is much more accurate. OMFG THIS QUIZ IS A JOKE! PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME ANY MORE REQUESTS TO CYBER!!! AND FOR FUCKS SAKE I DON'T GIVE A SHIT IF YOU'RE NICE AND TAN WITH A MEDIUM BUILD! >:| kthnx.

1.) when ur watching a movie and their is a secks scene who do u pay the most attention 2?
the guy
the gurl

2.) would u rather make out with jude law or paris hilton?
jude law all the way (to the bedroom lolz)
paris hilton cuz she's so sexii!
both! :smug:

3.) what is ur favorite color?

4.) do you lik gurls?
yes i lik to fuck them
onli as friends
well yeah but i lik guys 2...i'm so confused. :(

5.) asl?

6.) do u think ellen degenerous (sp?) is hawt?
liek ya! totally
i want 2 make out wiht her
um no..
she's okay. but i like boys 2.

7.) are u bi?
no i only like gurls

8.) is it hard being a bi teen?
yeah nobody understands mi. :( but i'm proud 2 be bi!
no because i'm not bi
paris hilton is so hot

9.) do u wnat 2 finger mi?
liek ya
k..but onli 2 experiment.

10.) do you check out other gurls bodies?
yeah all the time! i just love all the curves...it makes mi wnat 2 touch miself.

11.) wanna cyber?
k. asl?
no thanks
i luv cybering with other gurls

12.) what outfit would u typically wear?
plaid flannel and some old jeans or sweat pants i guess
a tight skirt and a revilling top 2 show off mii boobies for other gurls
something from hot topic
whatever i want to wear dammit!!!!1111

13.) do u ever fantasize about other gurls?
yes it's all i think about
sometimes...hey i'm 13 and curious wut kan ii say? :smug:

14.) wut kind of sex do u lyk?
fingurring lolz
with a guy

15.) who would u lik 2 have a 3 sum with??
2 guys!!!!
2 gurls!
a gurl and a guy!11111 lolz

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