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» Quiz: Which Charmed One Are You???(girlz only plz)
Which Charmed One Are You???(girlz only plz)
created by charmedfan101_neo

The ultimate charmed quiz!! (made by a charmed freak!!!)

1.) Which power would you want?
freeze time/ blow things up
astral projection
orbing/ telekinetic orbing

2.) What is your favorite color?
Red, orange, yellow
Green, mint green, aqua
Blue, green, white
Pink, purple, red

3.) What is your clothing style?
Flashy and fun
Casual and comfortable
I have my own style
What clothes?

4.) What would your boyfriend be like, or what is he like?
Someone good to talk to, he always puts me first
A bit mean/ harsh at times, but usually nice
sweet and caring, a family guy
What boyfriend?

5.) Are you a good fighter?
Hell yeah! I'm a master in karate!
No, i usually don't fight, but will if i have to. I just throw the potion...hehe
If I have to, I will kick some demon ass!
No, I don't fight, and I don't like to fight

6.) What was/ is your social life like?
I have/ had friends in school, but i was a rebellious teenager
I had alot of control over people in highschool, I had alot of friends, and could pretty much do whatever I wanted
I was sooooo popular! Captain of the cheerleading squad AND class president! I had them eating out of the palm of my hand...
I had a few friends, but over all I was a big dork in highschool...

7.) Do you want to have kids someday or do you already?
Ummm...I'm not sure. I kinda' need to find a boyfriend and stick with him first...
Yes, I already have kids
I love kids, and I want to have one someday
I love kids, and I do want to have them someday...as long as Mr.Right comes along

8.) What is your favorite type of car?
A sporty car, convertibles and BMW's
I LOVE funky cars! Anything that my sisters wouldn't get.
Trucks and jeeps, anything that goes offroad
I like small, luxury cars

9.) How easily do you get angry?
I have a fiery temper, i'm usually mad, jealus, or upset with someone!
I'm not easily mad at people
Anger is my middle name! Maybe I should take anger management classes...
I'm usually mad at someone in the family, but we almost always make up right away

10.) Do you use magic for personal gain?
I've already learned my lesson from personal gain, but I'll use it if i'm to lazy to do something myself
I only use personal gain if one of my sisters lives are in danger
I hate personal gain and I almost NEVER use it, sometimes I have to
I use personal gain, all the time!

11.) What is your personality like?
I am a very responsible, no-nonsense kinda girl, i know how to get things done, but when it comes down to it, I am a fun girl
I am sarcastic, funny, and great to be around
I am pretty, young, and a bit strange, and I know how to have a good time! If I have to I will get things done
I am happy, energetic, and an all around nice, caring person

12.) What kind of job do you have or want to have?
social worker
advice columnist
club owner

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