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» Quiz: What Pokemon character are you? (with pictures!!)
What Pokemon character are you? (with pictures!!)
created by HellBoy

Gehehee..... You wanna know who Pokemon character are you? Well, go ahead!

1.) What would you do if you see pokemon and it's injured?
I give potion and then I take it to Pokemon hospital, where nurse Joy is.........
I help it of course!!!
Are you stupid?! Of course I help it!
Injured pokemon!!!! GET NURSE JOY HERE QUICLY!!!! Hang on little pokemon!!! I'm coming!!
What would I do? Hmm, I catch it and take to my boss!!
I would help it and then I take it to my boss.

2.) Wolud you take my challenge to a pokemon fight?
Hell ya!!
If you say so pritty....
It would be fun! Lets fight!
Oh, I take it but you don't have any chances against me.
Yes, but if you lose I can have your pokemons.
I am not pokemon trainer, sorry.
Amm, okey then.

3.) What you think about your self?
I'm the best pokemon trainer ever!! (yea right...)
I'm handsome, smart, blah, blah........
Hihii, I could say I'm pritty...
One word: Perfect!
I know everything about pokemons.
I don't know.... gues I think I'm kind....... Aaah!! Don't ask that kind of questions!!
I'm the best!

4.) You won pokemon fight, What would you react?
Wohooo!!! Yeah!!! WOOOOOO!!!!
i won!!! I won!!!
Take that you loser!!
I won? I can't believe it!
What you expected? No one can beat me!
I already tell you that I'm not pokemon trainer!!

5.) Bye bye!!
Bye bye bye bye!!!!
Don't leave me!!!! buhuu!!
Oh, bye...
At last!
Yeah yeah, bye.....

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