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» Quiz: Would I Fuck you? ((guys, bi, lez -pictures-))
Would I Fuck you? ((guys, bi, lez -pictures-))
created by KiNkYBiAtCh

1.) So we go to the movies, we're in the front row with all that floor space. I lay down on the floor motioning you to come towards me. You come over and I take your shirt off. I go to unhook you're bra ((for those boys unbutton you're pants)) and what do you do next?
You start to take my shirt off and start to makeout with me.
You stop me before I go any further and then just kiss me and tell me later.
You ask me what I'm doing and then run out of the theater.
You rip my clothes off as fast as possible and we start licking fingering fucking and rolling around in the middle of the theater.

2.) We are watching a movie at my house in the family room and my parents are home I told you that they don't care what I do and they are addicted to porn and watch it with me I sit on your lap and start to take off your clothes I start to finger you and suck your tits (if you're a guy give you a handjob and head) and my parents walk in What do you do?
Say hello to them in the middle of eating me out and ask them if they want to join. Then proceed to fuck me as they watch with a video camera.
Push me off you and throw a blanket over yourself.
Continue to make out acting like you had nothing to do with the fact that you're pants were at your ankles.
Ask them to turn the camera off and leave the room, if they don't you continue to feel on me but only if the camera is off.

3.) I'm not wearing a bra and we are out and it's kind of chilly. You catch a girl/guy staring at my boobs. To make them stop looking you..
Go up to them and slap/punch them.
Turn me around and start kissing me.
Put your hands up my shirt and start squeezing my boobs even after they stop looking.
Hug me from behind with your arms blocking their view.

4.) We're at a concert and I'm wearing a VERY short skirt with no underwear on. I'm having a hard time seeing so some guy offers to put me on his shoulders. You..
Say she's with me and then give me a piggy back ride (what help that would do).
Let him do it..if I can't see them what the hell.
Pick me up and put me on one of your shoulders as you hold me up with one of your fingers up my pussy.
Put me on your own shoulders.

5.) My favorite outfit is a see-through blue lace tanktop that you can see EVERYTHING and my black miniskirt that is so short you can see the bottom of my ass. I never wear underwear or a bra with it. I walk by you on the street in the freezing cold rain in it and you see me what do you do?
Ask me what the hell I'm doing exposing myself like that.
Pick me up, throw me against a wall/fence, and fuck me hard.
Say hey baby and start feelin on me like you know me.
Give me a quick smile and keep walking minding your own business, after all you do have a girlfriend waiting for you.

6.) I like to party, and a lot of the time I party topless. You run into me at the strip club I'm at. What do you do?
Hit it like you own it.
Eat me out like you've never done before.
Slap my ass and keep walking like it wasn't you.
Give my ass a little squeeze, feel me up, get me a little drunk then try to finger me.

7.) We had a whipcream fight and I had whipcream all down my face, covering my tits, all over my ass and a pussy sundae with everything including the cherry. What do you do to clean me up?
Point me in the direction of the shower.
Take a shower with me.
Lick it ALL off and finish it off with a deep licking of my pussy, then take me to the shower were we fuck so hard I bleed.
Lick it off my tits then scoop the rest up with your finger and eat it. Then tell me to take a shower.

8.) I love to fuck, and orgies are ALWAYS fun. How many people would you go along with?
As many as I want.
At LEAST 10 or 15!
Eh 3 I guess?

9.) It's your birthday and all you keep talking about is your new car. To shut you up I decide to strip for you. When do you finally stop talking and start putting your hands on me and going at it?
As soon as you take that bra off, I'm there.
Hell as soon as you tell me you're stripping..I start helping you.
Not until you annoy me to the point your pussy is in my face and I can't get away from you.

10.) Last question, right now, would you come over and fuck me even tho you've never met me?
Hell yes..You sound like the PERFECT sexy lady.
Too much woman for me..I don't think I could handle you.
Maybe I don't like sleeping with people I've never met before.
I guess if we talk for a few minutes first.

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