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» Quiz: What should your hair color be?
What should your hair color be?
created by o0cottonmouth0o

pretty anime pics!

1.) You see a young girl with her face bured in her knees crying. A slight glow from the moon seems to be concentrated on her small huddeled body, making her look as if she's glowing. What do you do?
You cock your head, looking at her curiously. Then walk in front of her and kneel down, looking a little to close to her. What ya doin? you ask her.
You giggle to yourself thinking she looks kinda funny cuz she's glowing. You then walk over to her and poke her continuously, wondering if she's real.
Your eyes look over her slowly, as you walk gently over to her, putting your hand on her shoulder and whispering to her, Are you alright sweety?
You stare at her, thinking you're imagining things. You don't have time to be bothered with other people's problems! You have homework to do!
You smile to yourself as you sense an angelic light around her. You don't want to disturb her, so you watch her from a distance.
Your small feet make their way to her side as you begin to sing a beautiful song to sooth her.
You laugh to yourself, thinking that you could easily take advantage of this young girl.
You wish want to scoop her up and torture her, maybe play vampire and suck her blood!
You look at her and sigh. She's so cute, you wish you could be a sweet adorable child like her.

2.) On your way home, a group of gangsters block your path. They are big, muscular men carrying guns and knives. A stout fat man to your left demands your money. The Leader then shoos him aside and pulls a hand around your waist, pulling you close, thrusting his pelvis to your body. You're a cute one. he says, looking you up and down. What do u do?
You glare at him, you then move decietfully closer to him, suddenly jumping back, doing a back handspring, as your feett hit his jaw, then run away.
You are confused by the hard object in your pelvic region as you look up at the man angerly and hold up 3 fingers saying Read between the lines!
Your cute, confused stare meets his gaze as you struggle to get away. LET ME GO! you yell, your small cute fists beating on his powerful chest.
You smile at him, grinding your body against his. You're not so bad yourself you say pulling a hand around his neck as you kiss him lustfully.
You realize what's about to happen to you as you start to cry. You can't do this! I have a boyfriend! You think of your bf sadly while they laugh.
You don't know what to do, wondering how something like this could happen to such an ordinary person like yourself.
You grind your teeth angerly as you punch him in the face. Then stab him many times with his knife. Don't fuck with me asshole! you shout.
You don't flinch as he starts to touch your body. You allow him to do so, he then loosens his grip on you, you then kick him in the balls and run.
You feel extremely scared, but when your nervous you talk. so you strike up a conversation with him. You then sing him a song and he lets you live.
oops... heh

3.) What do people think of you?
I'm beautiful, strong, brave, and calm. I am very smart and I am playful and fun person.
Ditzy, very oblivious to what's going on around me, I misunderstand things a lot.
cute cute cute! very socialable and friendly! everyone loves me!
I tend to blend in with the people around me. I like people and am very dependent upon them.
somewhat crazy, morbid, i LOVE goary movies and vampires!
creative, musical, easily liked, very pretty.
Smart, Brave, Wise, motherly, people like me very quickly after they meet me.
cute, kinda whiney, romantic, boy crazy!
seductive, flirty, attractive, hot, i dont search out guys, they come to me.

4.) Who's your perfect guy?
A knight in shining armor! Romantic guy who will sweep me off my feet! ::sigh::
A smart, down to earth guy, very sweet and cute!
A strong, quiet man, not romantic, uses most women and he is scared because he has such strong feelings for you.
A flirty, HOT, SEXY, muscular man, very perverted and kinky!
a romantic guy who will love love love me! He won't even look at other girls.
A really smart guy, probably a future breakthrough scientist or computer billionare, older than me, very mature and brave.
Kinda evil, likes to kill, gothic guys are HOT and i dont care what anyone says!
A poetic romantic who likes insence and poetry readings!
A normal guy, probably cute and sweet, doesnt really stand out in a crowd.

5.) Which magical power would you most like to have?
Dark magic powers, death shrowds and dark energy swords! And i wanna be able to call upon an army of the dead! MUAHAHAHA!
I think... i'd want healing powers! I wanna be a veternarean because I love children!
I would want to be able to breathe underwater. I could pretend i was a mermaid and sing to all the sea creatures!
I would want to be able to turn men into slaves! HAHAHA! i could have a castle with all my hot and sexy love slaves!
I would want to manipulate fire, making fire balls and watching a small flame dance in the palm of my hand.
I would want to be able to make any man fall in love with me!
I would want to be able to talk to animals!
I would like to be able to fly.
I would want powers of weather! To manipulate rain, wind, snow, and thunder! I would also need a sword of course. I wouldn't be caught dead without 1.

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