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» Quiz: Would I date you? (Y chromosomes only)
Would I date you? (Y chromosomes only)
created by Caterina

Find out what type of guy you are and if you would fit well with me.

1.) Which celebrity is most romantically appealing to you?
Jessica Simpson.
Jenna Jameson.
Winona Ryder.
Sorry, please don't make me choose from a list of celebrities.
Jodie Foster.

2.) What do you appreciate in a girl?
Charm, grace, intelligence.
Original, highly opinionated, informed, complex, perservering.
Pretty smart and nice.
Whatever clicks.

3.) Of these enviroments, which would be the best habitat for you?
Playboy Mansion.
Italian Villa.
On a mountain with a beautiful landscape.
White picket fence, clean yard...the American Dream. (clue: no)
Ritzy Metropolitian area.

4.) Which belief system do you most identify with?
Specifically? Baptist.
None. I am Agnostic/Atheist/other.
Hindi, Muslim, Buddhist, Jainist, New Age Spiritualist, Taoist, Confucianist, all the other ists...

5.) Why endure this quiz?
To make fun of your stupid self.
Curiousity. Although it is fun, I don't believe it will determine anything other then surface values.
Cuz you are one hottie I want to hook up with.
Can't really say...

6.) How do you think you would be if you were in love?
I fall hard for a girl but lose interest after a while. Eventually, it seems like all the things she can offer are boring and stale. I tend to like variety.
I tend to be dominant. I like women to be cute, and quiet.
I let her be herself. I support and love her. I am loyal.
I am turned on by intellectual debate and an on target sense of humor...as long as she has those characteristics - I will be there forever.
I have a low self esteem and will fall in love easily with anyone.

7.) How do you feel about feminists?
Women belong in their place. And thats the kitchen.
As long as it isn't one of those crazed activists who are too closeminded from listening other views, I'm good.
If I were a woman in this oppressive society - I'd be a feminist to.
Ack! Feminazi! Run!
The concept is cool but they limit themselves in the same way partisan leaderships limit themselves in attempts to reach a wider audience.

8.) Consider: Your girlfriend makes a mistake. Refuses to apologize.
You stupid airhead. Not only do you mess up everthing, but you can't even take the blame! Such a typical woman.
Ask, "Are you okay?" or "Whats wrong?"
Be extraordinarily kind, understanding, gentle and loving to her.
Escape her by going to watch the game.
Hope she feels better.

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