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» Quiz: What Type of Designer are you? Or are you?
What Type of Designer are you? Or are you?
created by xmx_satine_xrx

Take this quiz to see what kind of designer you could be, if you are one at all.....

1.) Which one of these are one of your hobbies?
Painting and Drawing
Sewing and Creating Clothes Ideas
Surfing the Internet and Working with HTML/CSS
Decorating My Home/Room
Sketching Blueprints of Buildings and Places
None of these

2.) How do you feel about designing?
You mean clothes?
I love to decorate!
I Design graphics......
Um........works of art?
I could build a model......
I don't see what you're getting at.

3.) Do you feel that you have a sense of color coordination?
Uh.....no, I am not very creative at all.
Light against dark, faded colors, double pictures.....yeah I think so.
Not really, only if it was with two colors or less.....
Absolutely! I can mix any colors you put in front of me! People look to me for those sort of things!
Yeah of course! I HAVE to use colors for my masterpieces!
Yeah, I like to compare fabric colors.

4.) How do you feel about the internet?
It is like a Miricle, a RELIEF! I love making graphics, surfing, editing, chatting.....
I get lots of great ideas off the internet.
I buy my fabrics off ebay! What could I do without it?
It is for chatting and listening to music videos, what else?
I love to look at galleries on the web!
You can find landscapes all over the net, it is great!

5.) What kinda class have you always had the desire to take?
Anything that teaches you how to construct
Modeling or Sewing
Decorative Arts
HTML/CSS classes
Painting, Drawing, and Shading
I never had the desire to have more classes, school is/was enough.

6.) Do you consider yourself creative?
I can put two and two together can't I?
Duh, this goes here and that goes there......of course I am.
I wouldn't have a brush in my hand if I wasn't.
Yes and no......I am more of the logical/smart type
No, not at all.
I have to know what I am doing constantly, which takes creativity, so yes.

7.) Have you ever built anything, for a school project or something other?
If you count a canvas, then yes.
I did because I had to, but it wasn't fun.
Yes, many things, cause I love to.
I did, then I prettified it because it wasn't up to date if you know what I mean....
I guess, if you consider fixing a machine.
I HAD to.....

8.) How much money do you expect to make in your dream job?
I'll probably be struggling.....
I'll have my own shop, I will probably make an average amount.
A lot because I have knowledge.
Um, good money, I guess, If people notice that I exist
An ok amount, but people have to come to me
I don't know what job I want yet.

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