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» Quiz: Which TROY character are you?
Which TROY character are you?
created by xgirl

1.) What is your favorite phrase?
Man was born to end lives
Honor the gods, love your woman and defend your country
Until the day they burn my body. I will love you
I have the power
Love your country more than anything else
You are a dumb brut
I'm guilty for all of this
Please don't go tomorrow

2.) Who is your love?
My sons
My power

3.) What is your best quality?
My love for my husband
The way i fight and my looks
My looks
The way I honor the gods
The way I honor my country
The way I love
The way i control everything
The way I've ruled my country till today

4.) You would die for.................
my country
the gods
love (if you are a girl)
my family

5.) what do you want the most?
To see my husban comeback safe
To get out of sparta
To serve the gods
that Troy never falls
to watch Troy burning
To live happy with my love
To watch my son grew tall
That people remember my name forever

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