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» Quiz: !!!!Which Catherine Zeta Jones character are you most like?!!!!
!!!!Which Catherine Zeta Jones character are you most like?!!!!
created by CZJfan925

1.) If you could spend a week doing one thing, it would be...
Catch bandits in their act of crime all over Europe.
Dance and sing your way into fame.
Fly all over the world.
Fight off bad guys with a sword.
Act and appear on talk shows.

2.) What is your favorite color?
Gray and deep blue.
Pink and orange.
Yellow and Red

3.) Your ideal guy would be...
Another actor to know what your going through.
Someone who knows who I am and won't interfere with that.
Someone that will travel with me and meet my needs.
A rich man, perferably well-known.
i don't need a man to suit me.

4.) You would most likely wear...
something casual, yet hip so people know I'm here.
Leather business suits so people know I'm hot, but I love my job.
A 1700 still dress with lace and frillies.
A flapper with sequence so people know that I'm very famous.
A cotton skirt so people know I'm available to help.

5.) You would most likely wear you hair...
Long and very straight.
A short bob so it doesnt get in my way while doing my thing.
Short and simple, not a lot to mess with.
Trimmed and sophisticated.
Long and curly. Everyone must know I do the upkeeps.

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