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» Quiz: Aminals...m'kay?
created by ariadelle

Here's what types of animals you retards remind me of...m'kay

1.) How many toes do you have?
wait that includes counting doesn't it?
OMG I don't know they're webbed and all!!!
four dumbass!
I can't really see from here but I think there are some back there.
four...OoOoOo kelp!!!

2.) Where do you usually hang out?
you know that one place with lots of rocks, and water, yeah that place.
in big, wet places.
in quiet lonely places, ALONE!!!
just chillin up north mostly.
mostly on a kitchen table but sometimes in the oven.

3.) wats your favorite color?
golden brown
sumtimes red and brown

4.) favorite food
red meat, and lots of it baby!
kelp...kelp...um...kelp...with a little kelp on the side.
stuffing and mashed potatoes!

5.) Am I special?
as special as that peice of ice about to hit me.
as special as crannberry sauce.
as special as my precious KELP!!!
as deep as the sea you are
I don't really care much, sorry.

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