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» Quiz: Would i wanna fuck you? (guys and bi/lesbian girls)
Would i wanna fuck you? (guys and bi/lesbian girls)
created by blondie90

1.) I invite you over and we sit on the couch...I start to unzip ur pants what do u do
let me keep doing it
u zip ur pants back up and u leave
u keep lettin me while ur takin my bra off

2.) we go upstairs to my room and i tell u im going to shower wat do u do...
u say ok then just watch tv waitin for me to come out
u ask me if u can come already naked
u hop in wit me fuckin me hard and makin me moan while i give u head and lickin u all over

3.) after the shower we get into bed...what do we do
watch tv for a while then go to sleep
we take off our clothes while fuckin each other and u fingerin me..hurtin me..suckin me..lickin me..and lickin my pussy
i get on top of u rippin off ur clothes and start suckin and lickin ur dick/pussy while u eat me out and suck my tits

4.) you see me humpin a pole at a strip club..what do you do
get on up there and rip my thong and bra off eatin me out infront of everybody
u just watch gettin wet and horny then we go fuck in teh bedroom
u look at me in disgust and leave
u bring me 2 a bedroom w/ toys,chains,whip cream,etc..u handcuff me 2 the bed & u start fuckn me hard makin me moan while im suckin on ur dick/pussy

5.) we later go to a party when someone dares us to do somethin wild...wut do u do to me
eat me out,suck on my tits,fuckin me in the ass and pussy,and lickin me all over
u make me suck your big ass dick while u are lickin the inside of my vagina
u make out with me

6.) later on u see me fingerin sum girl..what do u do
get pissed and leave
ask if u can join cus u love threesomes..while i handcuff u to a chair lickin ur whole body and suckin on u and givin u head
u throw the girl off of me...then u get on top of me suckin me all over &lickin my pussy that is soakin wet while im rubbin my boobs all over u & moan

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