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» Quiz: Hentai Level
Hentai Level
created by KillerDreaming

Find out how much of a hentai freak you are.

1.) Your friend sends you a URL to a image of an anime girl masturbating, What do you do?
Scream in pleasure and begin to masturbate..
Gasp and close the site, Then get mad at the person..
Shrug and look at it for a few seconds, Then close the site and form a conversation with the person about something else.

2.) You see a website all about hentai, What do you do?
Roam around it randomly looking at picture's and meeting new friend's..
Scream and orgasm on yourself instantly, then go and save pictures to your very private hentai folder, Then masturbate uncontrollably..
Yell at the site, Then flood the owner's Inbox with hate mail's..

3.) This quiz makes you want to do the following..
Go look at hentai RIGHT now..
Go watch a very cool, famous anime..
Spam the creator's e-mail with hate mail. (My E-Mail is KillerDreaming(at)aol.com, Come get some bitches..)

4.) Your mom is trying to buy you an anime for christmas, And get's you a hentai movie without knowing it.. What do you do?
Watch it, Masturbating mildly then putting it away for later use..
Gasp, Scream, Hug and kiss, Then go into your room, Lock the door and watch it over and over until you are OUT of love-juice..
Inform your mom that she acquired the wrong present and demend your episodes of Poke'mon, NOW!!

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