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» Quiz: Are you good at being a gf/bf?....be honest
Are you good at being a gf/bf?....be honest
created by DidyoufindNemo?

Do you want to know if your good at being a good gf/bf? Well that is wat this quiz is about. So take it and find ou!!!!

1.) How many times do you truly think about your gf/bf?.....TELL THE TRUTH!
i think of them all the time because they are my soulmate1 :blush:
Most of the time because i do love them but i'm sometimes busy with other stuff
Some of the time because i said so
1/4 of the time because they know i love them but i'm knot sure rite now.
none of the time because this is a pity date...to me at least.

2.) Say your gf/bf was over, wat do you do?
Go to my room and cuddle, while watching a scary movie
Try to keep a conversation, because i'm not in the mood for them rite now
Ask if i can kiss them, and then have a little fun with it
Play a video game with them and then pretend to lose.
Lye and say that your busy and then try to invite your friends over

3.) Your gf/bf invites you to a movie that they say you both might enjoy. Wat do you say back?
Say that they can pick you up in a few minutes, and then you jump in the shower and get ready to go.
Ask wat movie it is just in case, your not sure.
Lye and say that your friends are over because you want some alone time.
Ask who is coming because you might wanna make it a double date.
Tell them that not in the mood and hang up immedately because your cheating on them.

4.) Your ready to take it to the next level, wat do you do?
Invite them over and ask them if there ready for something new. :blush:
Call them and say that they're dumped because you want to try someoe new
Say that you want in the bed in their house in a few minutes!
Invite over and ask if everything is ok. You can awhile longer to take it to the next level
Talk to them on he phone and chat until the morning comes

5.) You think that it is not going good, so you want to dump them. How would you do it?
Leave a message on their cell saying your sorry but it's over.
Wonder why you even dated them in the first place?
talk to them up front and destroy everything in public.
Buy them dinner and movie and then after everything you did, dump them
They say that we need to talk and then yell at them saying WE DON'T NEED TO TALK!!! And then run away

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