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» Quiz: Which Red Dwarf character are you?
Which Red Dwarf character are you?
created by Hirsty_89

1.) When you are introducing yourself what do you do
stretch out your right arm twist your wrist 3 times and then salute
say hi
say Hello sir and clean their feet
Tell them not to touch your shiny thing
Explain to them that everybody is dead
Show them your reggie wilson collection

2.) How do people describe you
An senile Goit
A lavratory bog bot
Slobby disgrace to the human race
I already know what they think Im NICE

3.) What is your favirote book
Book whats a book
The Cats holy book
How to iron in 20 minutes
Napoleon Bonapartes official war diaries
Ill tell you what the worst book ever isFootball its a funny old game by Kevin Keegan
Any that has lift up flaps

4.) Whats your worst fear
Lister and mother
wearing plastic sandals and an anorak
Losing my face i havent got anything else
betraying my working class background
Killing a human

5.) Which word describes you best
Freak formation of mash potatoe

6.) How many friends do you have
Only other computers
one actually none
I dont make friends i serve

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