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» Quiz: Guys, can you make me want to fuck you. (Guys only)
Guys, can you make me want to fuck you. (Guys only)
created by dolla

try me.

1.) We're busy watching the late night move all alone, it's a porn movie, so we're getting horny. What do you do?
Rip my clothes, touch my boobs and start to finger me....... intensively
Slowly move your hand under my mini and slowly take my g-string of
Just sit there.
take my g-string to my ankles and start licking me

2.) Where would you like to fuck me?
At home.....we've got the whole house for ourselfs
Outside on the grass
Public dressing rooms
At your friends party, in one of the rooms.
No................. my moms says i'm to young.
oh, baby anywhere as long as we can fuck

3.) It's lunch break and we're with your guy friends, So I'm wispering in your ear to get you horny, what would you do?
Start talking about sports or cars.
Look in my eyes and start licking your lips
Slide your finger into my virgina and start playing
Take my hand and run to the staff room to fuck me
Take my hand and get me to hold your dick right there

4.) I'm naked on the bed, legs wide open.
would you stare with mouth wide open
Get your dick as fast as possible in my virgina
Start licking me all over

5.) How would you say is the best way to fuck.
dogie style
power play

6.) So are you horney
YES, right from the begining
Girl I have a bad hair day, how can you think about that in a time like this.

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