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» Quiz: would i fuck you?! (bi/lesbian girls only)
would i fuck you?! (bi/lesbian girls only)
created by hornybunny

the title says it all!!! don't take it seriously! i thought it'd be funny kay?

1.) muchly over used question but...favourite colour?
reds, blacks, purples...dark, powerful colours
i don't mind! i like all colours
pale pastel colours; pinks, baby blues, violets

2.) what is your style?
I'm simply just me!! i wear what i like and am sometimes laughed or stared at for how i dress but i dont care!
i wear nothing but designer labels or tracksuits
i am one of the following: goth, punk, emo or preppy

3.) i'm tall with dyed red hair and blue eyes: sound good?
fuck yeh! i'm dreaming of you now, hunny
yeh sounds pretty good to me
fuck no bitch!

4.) we're at a party and i'm wearing a really short skirt, with no underwear. i make sure that you can see. how do you react?
ignore me, you want nothing to do with it
walk over to me, stick your fingers in my pussy and start eating me out right then and there
suggest moving to another room....

5.) you walk into your bedroom to find me lying on your bed in nothing but a bra and panties. what do you do?
head for the hills screaming!
taken off your clothes and my underwear and start fucking me/eating me out.
take off your clothes, get on top and start making out with me

6.) how would you react if i told you that i was sitting here touching myself right now?
fuck yes baby so am i!!!
i'd be pretty happy with that
satan's child!!!!!

7.) how often do you masturbate?
every so often
never! that is a disgusting thing! how dare you!
all the time baby and i am right now...

8.) you walk in on me, naked with another girl. we're all sweating and she's kneeling over my face while i lick her out...what do you do?
stay and watch...perhaps finger yourself a little
run for the hills screaming and call a priest
join in!! i'd come and start eating you out

9.) will you U2U me?
yes and i'll talk dirty to you until you cant stand it anymore
sure why not?

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