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» Quiz: Which Aliens character are you
Which Aliens character are you
created by Hirsty_89

Find out which Aliens character you are

1.) In a life threatening situation how do you react
Lose your grip on sanity and start screaming like a little girl
Bark orders at everybody so that they are more scared of you than the enemy
Keep calm and try to keep everybody alive
Wake up because your chest was bulging and you realise it was a weird dream
Start acting harder than everybody else by shouting lets rock BANG BANG BANG!!!

2.) Your motion tracker starts sounding what do you do
Keep calm and raise your weapon expecting an enemy
Start screaming like a whining bitch whimpering Theyre all around us man Jesus
Blast your flamethrower down the corridor to kill or scare off your enemy
Tell everybody to go infrared and bark a load of army bull shit that noone understands
Start swearing and shooting even though you werent asked to
Tell everybody to search carefully

3.) You see a face hugger attacking your friend what do you do?
Remove the face hugger carefully avoiding damage to your friend
Shoot it with an excessive amount of bullets! FUCK YOU
Shout SHIT! grab a flamethrower and burn your freind and the face hugger
Start crying because you know what happens to people who are attcked by facehuggers
Start swearing at everyone especially Hudson for crying like a bitch

4.) You think the aliens are in the celing You
Get back from the direction they are coming
Take a look with a torch and pulse rifle
Start whimpering like a girl thats about to be killed
Shout violent abusive words at Hudson to make him scared of you
Load your gun and get ready to kill

5.) You see a queen alien what do you do
Grab a loader and engage it in melee combat
Shoot it with your Pulse rifle and grenades
Cry and start running
Swear at it and try to kill it with your pistol
Get the other marines to fire at it whilst you shout at Hudson

6.) What is your choice of weapon?
Flame thrower
Smart gun
Shot gun
Pulse rifle
Harsh language

7.) Your friends are trapped maybr dead and you HAVE to kill the aliens what do you do
Use nerve gas to kill the fucking nest
Nuke the site from orbit
Listen to the best suggestion
Dont kill just get out of there
Run back in with full force and loud barking noises

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