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» Quiz: Are you craving for some LESBIAN LOVing????
Are you craving for some LESBIAN LOVing????
created by curious_gurl69

this quiz will find out whether you are in fact a lesbian or not... and i hope if all else fails,by the end of the quiz your at least wet!!!! im wet just thinking about the stuff im going to write... ENJOY!!!!!!

1.) the quickest way for you to get an orgasm is:
to picture your boyfriend in bed with you absolutely loving you
using a dildo
going online and seeing some wet naked chicks spank and eat each other out
to picture a hot girl stripping for you
masturbating to 'girls just wanna have fun' by cyndi lauper

2.) have you ever fantasized about a lesbian encounter?
no.... ewwww!!!!
im not telling you,you whore!!!!!!!!

3.) ok, im with another chick, and shes giving me ULTIMATE pleasure.... she's eating my pussy, licking me all over, sucking and biting my boobs, fingering, humping me and etc etc... you are:
longing to join
screaming and running out of the room, after throwing numerous objects at us
turned on
ripping off your clothes to finger urself and watch
ripping off ur clothes to join ;D

4.) at night, youre usually:
trying to give urself oral
dreaming about ur boyfriend....
lpaying with a dildo
feeling up ur boobs
fingering urself
dreaming about women and bikinis...

5.) ur surfing the net when a pop up of a lesbian sex video comes up. you:
close the window and run to wash your eyes out
watch, intrigued
rip off your clothes, turn pu the sound and start masturbating
start humping ur chair and making loud sex sounds

6.) your fave movie is:
mmm charlies angels - 3 hot chicks in lots of sexy outfits
rush hour - funny shit
thirteen - a hot movie about to sexy lesbians
lord of the rings - no hot chicks anywhere

7.) ok you and i are in a club and i start dirty dancing with you and feeling your boobs and ass
you let me
you run away crying
you push me away in disgust
you do the same to me ;P
you take me into a room for more privacy....

8.) it just so happens that we HAVE ended up in a room, and im taking my pants off, and so are you. i start to eat you out and put ur hands on my juicy ass. you:
run away, AGAIN!!
slap me as hard as you can pull up ur pants and leave the room
feel up my ass while moaning in delight at ur first lesbian pussy eating experience
rip off my clothes and urs and start fucking me hard and long

9.) the next morning you are lying naked by my side and you:
quickly run away without waking me up
gently wake me up by licking my tits
scream, grab ur clothes and run away - what had made you do such a stupid thing?????
jump on me and do it aaaaaaaaaaaall again!!!!!!

10.) you and ur best girlfriend are at ur house watching a movie. she takes off her jumper, but her shirt comes with it and you are now exposed to her beautiful body and she aint wearing a bra!!!!! you:
look away, and try to help her put her shirt down without touching or seeing anything... yucky!
laugh and pull her shirt down, teasing her
long to grab those boobs, and stare at them until she pulls her own shirt back down
put ur face in them, licking and sucking them... and before you know it, you are on top of her, dry humping her hard!!!!
rip off her clothes and give her the best oral sex she's ever had, while feeling her tits

11.) right now, you are:
grossed out
wanting to u2u me please do!!!!! ;)
tooooootally sopping wet
masturbating, der!!!!
fingering urself or feeling ur boobs or ass
running away

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