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» Quiz: Friend or enemy?
Friend or enemy?
created by VillageDruggieG13

There are many people whome I look upon and want to get to know.Sadly,most of them turned out to be emo/goth/posers.I hate those three.But what about you?Would I be your friend?Or would I like to Bash your face in cuz your so fucking worthless?Find out..friend?

1.) What music do you listen to?
alternative rock and some metal
anything really.
some metal,scream-o & punk

2.) Pick a band
superjoint ritual
murder dolls
Black sabbath,electric wizard,jimi hendrix
nofx,mxpx,janes addiction

3.) Pick one
"Destruction of a person bulids character"
"Your trust is in whiskey and weed and black sabbath.Its Goddamn Electric!!"
"Then the unnamed feeling,it takes me away"
"atleast in my dreams,when im sleeping it seems,that the needle is full endlessly"
Do your feet hurt?Cuz you've been running through my mind,my mind don't mind"

4.) Who is Philip Anselmo?
A guy...?
pantera guy.
-orgasm- philip anselmo...oh yes...philip anselmo
A dumbass

5.) pick a number

6.) color?
black and red
black and blue
green and red
Rainbow colors

7.) what do you feel like doing right now?
getting high and listening to electric wizard
cut my flesh..the blood...oh-ah,the blood
listen to some punk and thrash around my room

8.) pick a combination
jack daniels and pantera
beer and anything on zeta
beer and ciggarettes

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