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» Quiz: Would my sister fuck you?(she wrote this quiz) (guys and gurls)
Would my sister fuck you?(she wrote this quiz) (guys and gurls)
created by WeirdAssGrl

Would my sister fuck you? She doesn't have a file so yeah....

1.) We at your house(alone) and I take off my shirt I'm not wearing a bra. Then I start to feel your chest as I dig my hand udner your shirt. You.....
tell me(sis) to stop and watch the movie :(
Strip for me(sis) and then fuck me
Just finger me
Take off my panties with your mouth, strip for me, and fuck me!

2.) We are at a party and we're on the sofa as we're kissing and making out and then I accidently put my hand under your underwear/panties. You
Tell me to keep it there and fuck me hard. as everyone else at the party watches.
Fuck me hard!
Take my hand out and tell me not in public.
Keep my hand there and finger my(my sis) boobs.

3.) We are at your place alllllll alone. I'm wearing a skimpy underwear and bra. I lean over and I start to knaw off my bra and panties u....
help me(sis) knaw it off oh yeah! Then just fuck me(sis) right there!
Hand me a robe and tell me to keep it on.
Knaw it off and stare at me when I'm naked.
Make me strip for you and then suck my boobs

4.) If we were alone at my house and I was making you help me pick out an outfit. You'd make me wear
a skimpy bikini it brings out my boobs
Tell me nuthin and just fuck me
a buisness outfit I look intelligent
A tiny tanktop and a miniskirt
nuthin and then throw me on my bed and fuck me(sis) hard!

5.) It is your birthday and I start to strip for you in your room. You.....
Screw the stripin baby! Then fuck me hard!
Wait until my show is oevr and then fuck me
Wait until my show is over and then get some cake
make me put on my robe we're not ready

6.) We are at my place(alone) and I pour choclate all over my body you....
Pour choclate on yourself and lick me(sis)
lick me(sis) down and then fuck me
spray me with a hose don't waste choclate!

7.) We're trapped in a room for 12 hours you....
take advantage of this time to fuck me hard!
take this time to talk about my childhood
make me strip for you and then you kiss me and spank me

8.) We're at your house and I(sis) gets naked and starts stroking your shoulder and then I(sis) lay on the ground and say,Fuck me! Fuck me! I then take your clothes off and make you follow me into the bedroom. You.....
say,Ooo cute room! Then put your clothes back on and admire me room.....
Hell nah i'm not followin' u let's fuck right now!
Eat me(sis) up!
Ooo this is so hot. Fuck me!

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