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» Quiz: What Aqua Teen Hunger Force character are you???
What Aqua Teen Hunger Force character are you???
created by TheGruber

Ever wondered if you were on ATHF what character you would be? Now you can find out!

1.) What do you like to do in your free time?
Watch T.V.
Invent stuff
Dance to music!!!
Pull pranks and give people the bird!
Whatever your friend does
Get free cable by traveling tho space and time!
Help your friend travel though space and time to get free cable!
Make crazy creatures
Veiw your bosses creations
Write music with hidden messenges
Yell at my freggin neibors!
Play in the pool.

2.) Who is your best friend?
Myself, got a problem with that?
A girl names 69sofine i met of the internet
Dolls i made
My little freind from the moon
My big friend from the moon
A little mean guy
A guy thats always incharge of what we do
a tall guy
A kinda fat guy with a accent
My assistant
My boss, as long as one of his creations doesnt kill me...
The devil
I just wana be freggin alone!

3.) Which of the following are you the most?
Mean, lazy, selfish
Pankster with his own ideas
Prankster who gets ideas from his friend
Wanting to be a ruller
Doing anything you friend does
An insane man who makes crazy creatures
An assistant
A song creater and singer
A guy who wants to move away from his freggin neibors!

4.) Whats your favorite ATHF character?
Master shake
Dr. Weird
Mc. Pee pants, Sir Loin, Little Brittle...

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