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» Quiz: What Type Of Vampire Are You?
What Type Of Vampire Are You?
created by Gingersnaps_rulez

Take the quiz and found out yourself!!

1.) What's Your Fave Colour??(I know this is used a thousand times but w/e we need this question...)
Black,Blood red, (anything dark basically.)
Crimsion red like blood and pain
blood red and voilet
deep grey, black, sliver
navy blue, black, and some deep green
Deep grey, black, sliver like mist, or white

2.) What would you say your personalty is out of the three?
Selfish,blood thirsty,impatient
quiet, alert, confident
quick - tempered, possessive,ambitious
quiet, individualistic, alert
quiet,patient,quick witted

3.) If you were a vampire...How many times do you feed on human blood?
Always, like 2 - 3 times a day!
once a month maybe never
2-3 times a month,..i like to kept it low
are you kidding?I have a storage room full of it from mortals i torture!
1-3 times every 3 weeks...
1-2 times every 3 weeks, i mostly travel from spot to spot to keep it confusing to mortals...

4.) If you could obtain, any of the 6 following items to use in battle which would it be?
weapons??I don't fight...
My bare hands and maybe a swiss army knife to slice open my oppent's throat!
My hunting skills...and a good sword
two elven blades(Like off of the LOTR:2 towers!THOSE THINGS ROCK!)
Multiple daggers with strings attached so only I can control where the go and what they hit...
Two back broad swords and a few daggers
oops...don't click here seirously....

5.) What did you think of the quiz?
Could have been better....
it was okay...
don't care just lemme see my results!!!
how about this...I don't give a damn n if i don't see my results your throat gets slit open!?!
good i suppose...
it was alright i guess

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