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» Quiz: How Easily Are You Turned On? (PiCtUrEs)
How Easily Are You Turned On? (PiCtUrEs)
created by tesco_rocks_my_socks

Take This Quiz. Maybe You'll MAke You And I Wet. (Girls Only)

1.) Ok. You end up in a Lesbian Stripclub... Man Hot Or What?Anywho, A Girl Immediantely Comes Over, Shes Tanned, Blonde Hair, Green Eyes, Wearing A Tight Red Rubber Pair Of Hot-Pants And Has The Biggest, Most Amazing Pair Of Tiits You Have Seen. What Do You Do?
Ewww.. Wheres The Guys? ;)
Lick Her Chest, Maybe FInger Yourself, Shes Hot Alright.. You Want To Fuk Her, But It Just Doesnt Seem The Right Time.
Throw Yurself On Her. Yur Pants Are Soaked, You Probably Getting Hot, Maybe Having And Orgasm Just Watching Her Sucking Her FInger... -Moan-
Fuk. Run Away. I Cant Stand People.

2.) Ok. The Girl Leans Into You. She Licks Yur Face And Invites You To Come 'Play With Her In The BackRoom'Shit... This Is Hot... What You Do?
Carry On Fingering Yourself. Shes So Hot, You Follow Her, Wow, BEt You Cant Wait To Get Into Her Pants. ;)
Cry.. Why Is She Here? What Does She Want?
Wheres The Men? I've Never Fingered A Girl..
Grab Her Waist.. Your Hot All Right, So Basically You Follow Her.. Unable To Say Anything, Shit, Im Getting Wet Writing This..

3.) She Drags You Into A BackRoom.. The Room Looks Rubbery.. Dozens Of Sex Toys, Chains And Whips Hang From The Walls. Theres A Cabinet Of Draws, The Draws Slightly Ajar, Vibrators, Man Wont This Be Fun?
FUK YES! Im Fingering MySelf This Very Moment -Moan-
I Wanna Hurt Her, I Cant Wait, Those Whips Look Strong ;)
Argh! -Runs-
Theres A Fuking Buff Guy That Just Walked Past, Cant I Follow Him?

4.) The Girl Sticks Her Finger In Her Mouth.. She Peers Across The Room. You Look Over. ANother Girl, Equally As Hot Is Eating Another Girl Out. All You Can Hear Is Moans.. Shit, The Blonde Girl Wants Some Of That, What You Do?
Finger Yourself, Maybe Finger Fuk The Blonde Girl
KIll Yourself
Join In. If They Dont Let You, Fuk The Blonde.

5.) The Blonde Girl Comes Onto You.. She Pulls Out A Dildo And Sticks It In Her Mouth.. She Rubs Her Tits Across Your Stomach. She Starts Undoing Your Shirt.. You Let Her.. Even If You Didnt Want To.. Shed Probably Rape You Anyway.. Shes Got You Naked. OMG! The Other Girls KIssing Her..
Finger Yourself. Watching..
You Fuk The Third Girl Simple.
You Gaze At The Dildos Longingly..

6.) The Blonde Girl Returns To You. She Unzips Her HotPants.. Mmm Her Vagina.. She Winks And Smiles At You..
A Dick Goes Into A Vagina.. :(
You Stick Your tounge down there, You Want Her Baddd

7.) She KIsses Your Tits,, Runs her tounge between Them, Sucks Your nipples and unhooks a few chains and cuffs from the wall.
Allow Her Too.. You Want HEr BAD
Lick Her Out.
CHoke Yurself With A Vibrator.
You See A Guy In The Hallway, You Run At Him And Have Solid HArdcore Sex Against The Wall For The next 15 Minutes.

8.) Your Chained Up. All Three Girls Come To You, The Blonde Girl Sits On Your Chest, Opens Her legs and rubs her hand slowly up and down her Vagina, The Other Two Finger Fuk You.. What You Do?
Suck A Dildo..
scream with delight, That was the biggest orgasm You've ever had.. (Im Getting Wet From Writing This Crap)
Lick Her Out. Again.

9.) The Blonde Girl Kicks The Other Girls Out. She Locks The door And Finger Fuks You All By Herself.
Feel Up Yur Tits.

10.) She Runs HEr Tounge Up Yur Stomach, You Want her Bad. What Do You Scream Out?

11.) Ok, What Are You Doing This Very Moment?
That Was Shit.
Masterbating, Duhhhh
Dreaming Of Dirty Girls Doing Dirty Things ;)

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