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» Quiz: Would i fuck you?
Would i fuck you?
created by blondie90

1.) how old are you?
13 or younger
17 and older
why shuld i tell u

2.) are u a boy or girl
straight girl

3.) u and i go to the movies and im wearin a mini skirt with nothin under and a tube top...what do u do
put ur hand down my skirt and start fingerin me makin me moan
just watch the movie with ur arm around me
put ur hand up my skirt while squeezin my ass then puttin ur other hand on my boob squeezin it while makin out wit me
make out with me for a while then watch the movie
go in the corner of the theatre and start fuckin me in the ass makin me bend down then eatin me out

4.) later we go to the beach...i have a bikini on and the top falls off in the ocean...
u go find it then help me put it back on
look at my boobs for a while then start suckin and squeezin them then take my bottoms off and start fuckin me
go find my bikini top and tell me to put it back on
get my bikini top and carry me to shore and start eatin me out and lickin my body all over

5.) we're tired after the beach so we go 2 ur place to..
fuck again in bed with me handcuffed to the bed fuckin me hard and makin me moan and eatin me out
shower separately then go to sleep with clothes on
shower together..then i give u a bj and lickin ur body.. and in return u finger me and eat me out while squeezin my boobs
shower together fuckin in the shower then goin to bed naked(no fuckin)

6.) we wake up next mornin wut do u do...
get the syrup and whip cream and rub it all over my body especially my boobs lickin them and suckin the syrup off...
tell me to go home
go eat breakfast then make out then u take me home
u kiss me all over my body then make breakfast and then fuck again

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