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» Quiz: find out what rave master character are you ?
find out what rave master character are you ?
created by iloveacn

learn what charecter you are and are you the rave master ?

1.) If somebody picked a fight with you what would you do ?
beat the crap out of them
flirt your way out of this mess
try and talk your way out of this
run away
just stand there

2.) If you found a very vaulable jewel on the street what will you do ?
look for the owner of it
take it to a pawn shop
keep it
leave it there
keep it any give it to a pretty girl

3.) if you where asked to find the rave stones what would you do ?
do the favor
I have more important things to do
I'll steal all of them
refuse to do it
find the rave stones and use the power to make me stronger

4.) where would you prefer to live ?
on an island
in a cabin in the middle of the woods
in a city
no where
or on a beach

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