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» Quiz: Can you make me horny? (guys and girls)
Can you make me horny? (guys and girls)
created by blondie90

1.) You and i are laying in bed and u have ur clothes on and I have a bra and thong on what do u do...
get on top of me while taking my thong off with your teeth
take your clothes off and then take my bra and thong off and start fucking me...
look at me then leave cus u dont wanna fuck
get up and leave cus im to wild for u
go downstairs and get the whip cream so u can lick it off my body...

2.) I start putting my hand down ur pants..wut do u do
take my hand away...:(
move my hand deeper into ur pants then u start fingering me...
take my hand away cus u wanna finger me and eat me out...
take my hand away and leave

3.) Im laying on the bed naked with my legs spread apart...wut do u do
lick ur lips and leave :(
tell me to put clothes on
u take ur clothes off and get on top of me fucking me hard make me soakin wet and moaning
get on ur knees and start eating me out then fuckin me in the ass while squeezin my boobs

4.) u take me bra shopping and i tell u to go get me a size D bra and i tell u to come in the dressing room with me...wut do u do
say no people will see us
go in the dressing room and put me on ur lap while ur lickin my tits//
go inside the room with me while taking my thong and bra off and fucking me in the ass and pussy
u say no and u tell me were leaving

5.) im in the shower and u walk in... do u
say sorry and walk back out
take ur clothes off and hop in with me while kissing me...fucking me..and fingering me
u get naked and hop in while slappin my ass and fuckin me in the ass then eating me out

6.) im layin on the bed naked waiting for u to fuck me...wut do u do
use handcuffs...then start fucking me while im hurting but u do it harder and harder
u get on top of me and u squeeze my boobs then start licking my pussy and eating me out...
u tell me to put sum clothes on and then we go to dinner :(
u start fuckin me in the ass then i start suckin ur dick then we start fuckin while ur makin me moan

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