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» Quiz: Wich Standup comedian are you?
Wich Standup comedian are you?
created by foxxyGpa72

1.) If someone asks you if you are afraid to go to hell what do you say?
As Long as im a redneck!!
Hell?!? Ive been married for two years!!!
It's cause im black!!
I still dont get no respect!
sort of, but if we get to smash some fruit!!!

2.) If someone does something stupid you say?
Idiot!!! oh oh oh!!!!!
Heres your sign
forget about it and say, happy feet!!!
Shut up and eat a watermelon!!

3.) What is your fav. article of clothing?
your sign
im just worried about keeping my daughter off the pole!
my bandana.
no respect!
my hammer
my redneck

4.) what could be your line?
i dont get no respect!
wanna smash some fruit???

5.) how was this test?
fucking moron!
well i didn't know you wanted to get in the discussion mr helper.
its just like happy feet!
bet my ma would like it!
heres your sign

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