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» Quiz: *GUYS ONLY* would i fuk-u-hardcore?(pictures)
*GUYS ONLY* would i fuk-u-hardcore?(pictures)
created by fuk_me_hardcore

1.) we dont know eachother but were at the same party and i spot you out of the corner of my eye. I go up to u and start griding up against ur body and unzip ur pants with my teeth what do you do?
push me away and call me a slut
allow me to continue
take me into another room away from everyone and slowly take my clothes off kissing me all over
take urs and my clothes off in front of everyone at the party and start with the forplay
tell me to wait till later

2.) so lets say u picked to bring me into another room were both laying there naked what do u do next?
pin me to the bed climb on top of me and start fuckin me
pin me down slowly start eating me out then moving ur tongue faster and faster then sudenly stopping to stick it in me fukin me hard
leave the room ...ur a virgin and have never done this b4 and u suddenly just has second thoughts

3.) were in the middle of fuckin and another girl walks in and wants to join i start making out with her and tell u to fuck her where do u stick it?
i leave what do u need me for if u have her
i stick it in her tight wet pussy while fingering u. i love hearing both u moan at once
in her ass as i watch her eat ur wet hot pussy
i finger her and still fuck u ...im having more fun with u anyways

4.) all 3 of us are done she leaves and me and you decide to go have a shower at my house my parents are gone away for the night what happens
we fuck in the shower and 3 more times that night..u stay over night and we havemorning sex
we have the shower and go right to bed ur to tired to have sex again
u bang me from behind while in the shower then again in the morning
we dont even make it to the shower we have sex right there on my front lawn

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