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» Quiz: Which Disney Princess Do You Relate Best To?
Which Disney Princess Do You Relate Best To?
created by natashalin

Find Out Which Disney Princess You Best Relate To...duh.

1.) Which is closest to your hiar type?
veyr very short and light..
dark, stick straight and long
its dark...it was once long...but just recently i cut it off.
long, light, and curly
long, dark, and kinda curly...more like wavey
shoulder length light
long and red
very short, and very dark
shoulder length brunette!

2.) What do you like to do?
I like to play with kids, i love kids.
I like to go for long walks in the woods.
I like to fight with guys! haha!
I like to sing.
I like to break rules and do things im not suppose to do
Cooking and cleaning is fun, but i like to dance mostly
swimming and singing and dancing
Sleeping, and also picking up guys...
I love to read!

3.) Dream Man?
Big and Tall, and young!
i am very diverse...so preferably someone with a different lifestyle and a different race!
Some one who wont let me win in battle.
Someone who wont mind a duet...every morning...and all night.
Someone who doesn't mind my wild side. And who pretends to be someone so amazing and awsome in public...and even better alone.
Someone who will do things for me, like put my shoes on.
Someone who wont mind commuting to the ocean to see my family after we get married!
Someone who will wake me in my sleep, sweep me off my feet, and will let me keep my 7 other men in my life...and one day let them move in.
Someone who will let me do what I want, build me a library, and has lots of hair.

4.) What pet do you want?
Pets are too bothersome, kids dressed up as animals are ok.
Raccoons, humming birds, small dogs
dragons, dogs, crickets
birds, cuz they sing beautifully
Doves, and tigers, and i can deal with a parrot or a monkey
Dogs, and horses
deer, squirrels, you know...wild things
horses, and a rare specie of dog.

5.) What is your attitude mostly relate to?
Im a brat.
Hard working
Always looking for adventure and traveling

6.) What do you do on your free time?
Bitch at the man i love.
Do fun things like jump from waterfalls, and meet hot guys
fight boys!!! and i always win!
Sing with my hunny
Look beautiful and flirt...i like to go out on the town disguised as someone else so i can meet more people and no one will recognize me...
clean, cook, and cry to my mom
swim, sing, and perform
sleep, and spend time with the men who mean most to me
I like to be ordered around by my man, gives me a sense of direction, and when he's not there, i have fun with my friends.

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